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Neil Shepherd Goodwood 1986
Neil Revisiting Goodwood 2012

Welcome to my website. I am a former Shepherd of three large flocks of sheep in the south east of the United Kingdom. I have now turned my shepherding skill's to helping and guiding the human flock :)

My website was written in 2000 and has many spelling and grammatical errors due to academic disabilities, so it was the best I could do at the given time.

     This website has helped many over the years and as intended to allow people the opportunity to see my early work from back in 2000, when I first created this website and it has mostly not been updated since 2008. I hope you enjoy my early beliefs and works. Since that time I have learnt a great deal more to surpass much of what I have given here. Nowadays I do most of my teaching on my YouTube Channel which I first uploaded to back in 2007. I have well over 500 videos uploaded talking about many spiritual and life subject doing my spiritual teaching insight videos. I have many over 60 guided meditations and healing videos, which are very popular. I will continue until such a time as I am re-awoken to my past life, where many new teaching will come to light and be published on another YouTube Channel and other websites.   

This site was moved here by Neil aka Shep in 2012 from my original Spirit Speaks website.

My Neil Cooper YouTube Uploads Playlist
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